Hundreds of animals are eating stinking garbage and plastic daily.
Ek Roti Roz is a program to feed street / stray animals with fresh clean food.

Wherever there are living beings there is an opportunity for SEVA (Selfless Service).

About the Program : Street animals are a sad reality in India. Hunger drives them to look for food everywhere. Cows, dogs, pigs, and cats are the most common street animals we see in India.  They can be abandoned or lost, sick or healthy, old or young, unwanted and “useless” or owned but not looked after; whatever their reason of existing on the streets, they are there, trying to survive. The basic needs of a majority of these animals are not met. Hunger drives them to look for food everywhere including garbage generated by humans. more...

Distribution / Feeding

The street animals are not at one place. They are constantly on the move in search of food. Our volunteers search for stray animals on main roads, by lanes, and at various garbage disposal places. Finding and feeding is a very time consuming process. At some locations we find just 1 cow or a bull, couple of dogs and other places maybe 3 or 4 of them. With current resources we are daily feeding about 100-120 street animals which include cows, bulls and dogs.

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