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Hundreds of animals are living on the streets and eating garbage daily. The "Ek Roti Roz" program was started in June 2013 to feed these hungry stray animals. With the current available resources we are able to feed only a small percentage of the total stray animals in the country. The magnitude of this problem is quite huge and therefore, we are looking for outside contributions.

Important Contributions


Chokar (wheat bran) for cows & bulls

Rs.2550/month (@Rs17/kg) for 5 Kg Chokar to be fed daily for 30 days


Paira-Katti (dry rice plant) for cows & bulls

Rs.1500/month (@Rs.5/kg) for 10 kg
to be fed daily for 30 days


Whole wheat atta (flour) for making rotis for cows, bulls and dogs

Rs. 550/month (@Rs.22/kg) for 25 kg helping to make 500 rotis per month


Parle-G Biscuits (for dogs)

Rs. 150/month (@Rs5/pack) for 1 packet of Biscuits per day for 30 days


Milk Packet (for dogs)

Rs.600/month (@Rs20/packet) for 1 packet per day for 30 days


Bread (for dogs)

Rs.750/month (@Rs25/pack) for 1 packet of bread for 30 days


The "Ek Roti Roz" program was started to help the hungry street animals who eat garbage to survive. We are reaching out to you for your support.

(Important Note : We are doing SEVA (selfless service), and are in the process of making this activity in a self-sustaining non-profit organization. So till that happens all contributions currently made are in the name of our Founders saving account.)

With warm regards and thanks

Online Payment :

For online transfer of contributions please use the account details given below.

Bank Details :

Name of Account

Nikhil Shingi

Account No


Name of Bank

State Bank of India (SBI)




IIM Campus, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad







How to send Cheques / Demand Draft :

You can send an account payee demand draft or a cheque payable at Ahmedabad, in the name of "Nikhil Shingi" to any of the following address

Raipur Address :

Ahmedabad Address :

Nikhil Shingi
c/o Ek Roti Roz
First Floor, HIG-C-65
Near Navkar Hospital
Raipur - 492001
Phone : 07714050505

Nikhil Shingi
C/o Ek Roti Roz
B-210, Fairdeal House,
Opp Xaviers Ladies Hostel,
Swastik Char Rasta,
Ahmedabad - 380 009
Phone : 09301191026





Once the money is transferred, kindly send us an email at manage@ekrotiroz.org OR NikhilShingi@gmail.com giving the following details.

1) Name of the person OR person(s) donating.
2) Pan Card No
3) Total Amount Transferred
4) Complete Contact/Postal Address and Phone Number (optional)
5) The Purpose for which the Donation is sent.

Thanking you with regards

* Note 1) : Ek Roti Roz is a SEVA (selfless service) activity. But we now understand the need of making this program a self-sustaining non-profit organization and have started the process. So all contributions currently are made in the name of our Founders saving account.

* Note 2) : Since Ek Roti Roz is not registered with FCRA we cannot accept foreign donations. We can accept donations from Non-Resident Indians only through any bank account operational in India. Contributions made by a citizen of India living in another country, from his personal savings, through the normal banking channels, is not treated as foreign contribution.