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“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he has acquired,
but in his ability to affect other living beings around him”

- Modified from a quote of Bob Marley

Ek Roti Roz : What We Do
Ek Roti Roz is a program in India to support hundreds of street animals that are forced to eat plastic & garbage

Street animals are a sad reality in India. Hunger drives them to look for food everywhere. Cows, dogs, pigs, and cats are the most common street animals we see in India.  They can be abandoned or lost, sick or healthy, old or young, unwanted and “useless” or owned but not looked after; whatever their reason of existing on the streets, they are there, trying to survive. The basic needs of a majority of these animals are not met. Hunger drives them to look for food everywhere including garbage generated by humans. Our cities do not have garbage segregation as the norm, and citizens are not conscious of this at the personal level. As a result, animals end up eating stale and stinking waste from garbage disposal units. When plastic (most commonly used to dispose-off waste in households) along with other non-degradable harmful (toxic) matter enters the intestines of these animals, they usually end up dying painfully. 

Ek Roti Roz – which literally means One Roti (bread) Daily, was started to give an alternative to these helpless animals. One that will fill their stomachs with food and not garbage. We believe that just because they are on the streets, does not mean they have to suffer in this way. Surely they deserve our compassion and caring.  In Indian culture, there has always been the concept of making Chappatis or Rotis (made from whole wheat) for the gaay and kutta. Modern Society, however, seems to have no time nor concern for street animals.  Rural communities still follow this tradition, while advanced modern people seem to have developed a sense of apathy and treat animals like a nuisance. No doubt that the problem of street animals needs to be dealt with at a larger level with the involvement of civic authorities and even citizens themselves. Garbage management, responsible ownership, sterilization for controlling population, adoption, and many more issues are connected to this issue.  We will endeavour to support these initiatives.  But ignoring their suffering is not something we can do.

Our main goal is to have a open shelter farm to house as many animals as we can. And then more such shelters across India. We are working towards securing this dream of a place, where we see cattle munching grass on rolling green pastures. But till that happens, and for those still on the roads, we want to feed them with fresh and clean food. And for that we need your support. You can do so by:

a) Becoming a member (Rs.1073/- per year). We will cook one Roti everyday in your name and feed them.  Click here for more details on Membership.

b) Like our page of Facebook (www.facebook.com/ekRotiRoz) and share our posts with your comments on your timeline for awareness about this program

c) Tell friends, relatives and other people you know about this program

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us via the message option on Facebook or email us at manage@ekRotiRoz.org OR NikhilShingi@gmail.com